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Sure, I can sell you this domain, just send me a realistic offer and it's a done deal. My private email address is Maybe you've got a idea for this domain that's a new project, to be honest that's why I bought it in the first place. I didn't have the time in the end to get it off the ground. I made money doing other stuff instead. So that's why it's just sitting here, unused, unloved, yet with some much potential. The fact you're checking this domain out probably means you think it would be awesome for your business. I did too - which was why I bought it. But unlike me, you have the time and dedication to give it wings. So what's stopping you? Seriously, why don't you just buy it right now and get your new project started? Well I guess there could be a few reasons: How about money? Maybe you don't have loads to invest right now Maybe it's knowledge or experience? Everyone knows it's risky starting a business right? Or maybe it's something else. Have you ever experienced a situation where the answer is just staring you in the face? Maybe this is a bit like that! OK, so I've made a few assumptions about you, and seeing as you've read this far, maybe it's time to tell you a little about me. My name is Jeremy Heath and I'm a serial entrepreneur, having built multiple businesses from zero to £1m+, and today I'm doing the same, my own and also in partnerships with others. I'm not a "laptop lifestyle" entrepreneur - whatever that is. My businesses are real world thriving businesses, all about offering true value to customers and growing a great reputation. I'm passionate about small business and family business, that's my background. These days I support self employed people, business owners and enthrepreneurs through training and mentoring. Whether you're a seasoned business person or someone with entrepreneurial ambition, if you've got an interest in making use of this domain then let's talk - there's nothing to lose! If you need some help, that's possible too. Maybe we could make use of this domain as some kind of joint venture? I'm open to any proposals or ideas. Oh, if I'll be working with you, you'll need to be based in the UK and not a fruitcake - by my definition, not yours! Seriously though, if we'll be working together in any capacity, there needs to be some due diligence on both sides right? I look forward to hearing from you! Best regards, Jeremy Heath  


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